Caravan is off and running! 2010!

March 15, 2010-  I haven’t written in forever because this Little Red Hen has been busy!

I am delighted that my release dates for CARAVAN came and went quite smoothly!

In honor of the Motherland, Kansas, the physical sale of the CD was January 29, 2010– Kansas Day of course.  The day our nation celebrates welcoming Kansas into the fold.

And in memory of my merrymaking brother Larry, the digital release was celebrated on his birthday February 26th, 2010!

I was psyched that the review by Eric “Doc” Smith, Arts & Entertainment Editor for BEYONDCHRON.ORG came out the very day of the digital release.  No one could have timed it better!

My national RADIO campaign kicks off with the official RELEASE of the album on Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 12 noon.  DANTE says in the Divina Commedia that there are 3 criteria for entering Pardiso:   1)  spring equinox  2)  spring equinox in sign of Aries   3) and the time must be 12 noon.

I actually got my Radio Packets mailed out with the invaluable help of JODY GINSBERG, who designed the most amazing Radio One Sheet the world has ever seen.  And thanks to DAVID BISSONflaneur who helped me package up and mail out 400 + packages (when everyone else lamely flaked out at the last minute).   Thanks, JODY &  DAVE!

And here we are one week later!  I’ve received my first feedback-  and it’s very positive!  Plus a request to do an interview on KRML Radio with Jim Sentitos and his show entitled “First Look”.  I’m not only psyched to talk about the album but to then pretend I’m psycho and eventulaly to begin stalking Jim and requesting “Misty” down the phone in the breathiest voice I can muster!

I need to also summon the energy to begin a print campaign blitz with a PRESS RELEASE!   But instead I think I’ll just work the beads whilst visualizing a PUBLICIST!

Ad astra per aspera!

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