New Jazz CD “Caravan” & Deluxe Show

I’m getting excited about the show on Wednesday (12/23/09) at Deluxe! It will truly be an adventure. I’ve been busily brewing up new charts and dusting off a couple of tunes I wrote & reacquainting myself with my bass.

I’m so blessed to have some great players joining me on this gig. Jarrett Cherner on piano, Dan Feiszli will eventually arrive from another gig (at Yoshi’s-SF), so that’s why I have to strap on the bass for a couple…, Matt Swindells on drums! I’ve been working in my little living room with Alex Dalzochio who will be joining me on guitar for my originals and a couple of Brazilian tunes in the first set! And rumor has it, Joe Cohen will be showing up with his tenor! I am so psyched!

I haven’t gigged with/seen pianist Jarrett Cherner since that magical summer afternoon we (J, Gabe Davis, Matt Swindells & I) played in Dan Feiszli’s studio. What a fun session that was! We knocked out 3 tunes: “Afro Blue” in 5/8-6/8; an improvised, rubato intro to “We’ll Be Together Again” that ended up as a “burner”; and finally “East of the Sun” a nice, happy scha-wing tune. “East of the Sun” will be released digitally as I didn’t think it quite fit the vibe of the UPCOMING CD “Caravan”. I listened to it again after a few months and it sounds so fresh, that I wished I’d included on the album!

The CD: After fits and starts, various vacations & house moves, and general “bizarre-ness”, the CD has somehow landed itself in the duplication house.  My new baby should be in my arms just in time for Christmas!   NOT! Ugh!

It allegedly will arrive the week after! Just in time for NEW YEARS (the new Biggest Shopping Day of the Year!)

10 songs in 2010!   10 in 2010!

The ARTWORK is amazing! Original designs and drawings by painter Louis Cubba! It looks so good! It really captures the abstract, mirage-like visions of a caravan of camels in a hot, windy, sun drenched terrain! Plus, the vivid orange with yellow wisps of whipping sand provide a warmth and movement that I can only hope is found in the music that lies within.

I’ve got to go upload some of the new tunes to MySpace now. Well, coffee first, then uploads…

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