Spring Equinox!

This is a magical weekend as Groov and I kick off the national radio campaign of CARAVAN.  I am chuffed to have already received very positive response from a couple of stations out there—  a shout out to Russ Haines at WWSP in Steven’s Point, WI & to Jim Sintetos at KRML in Carmel, CA for picking up “Caravan” from off of his mountain of submissions and putting it on!

I had a very fun interview with Jim on his show this morning “First Look” where he features jazz recordings hot out of the oven.  We had a good laugh and you can hear the interview on KRML’s website (or click on the link on my Press page).

In that interview I did give a shout out to several of the musicians on my album-  Joel Behrman, Jon Monahan and Matt Swindells, but I don’t think they made the final interview….I think their names were dropped in order to perpetuate the stereotype that we singers are indeed DIVAS who think only of ourselves!  [and instead of clapping like regular folk, we just bang our big, bejeweled knuckles on tabletops or on the backs of the theatre seats in front of us!]   😉

I still need to write that PRESS RELEASE announcing to the print/online/blog world of my new “baby”– anyone out there wanna help me with that?  Maybe it’s time to contact the “San Francisco’s resident Flaneur“, Dave Bisson, I just know he’d come to my rescue!

Happy Spring!  It’s here!  The [real] beginning of the new year!

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